HT (2001 / Beijing, China)

A Sonnet In The Snow

The drifting petals unbend my soft brows,
And trace my footsteps in sinuous roads.
I ramble bypass olden walls anew,
And warm the frost to nourish shrivelled rose.

The mist of noon awakes the world from drowse,
I grasp the hidden gleam: grace of grass grows.
Beneath the thick quilt, I hear whisper flows
Behold! No one lays tranquil in repose.

In which boundless snow as future endows
In starry skies, My heart ascends aloft.
Altered months awaits, dreaming nature oft:
Frozen winter springs afore summer falls.

Until greentime fades, broken branches sprout,
Fondest sorrow with, memories black out.

by Henry Tong

Comments (2)

Winters come alive in various shades along with flashes of human nature in this beautiful sonnet. Thank you, Henry Tong.
I call it a Shakespearean sonnet though you have chosen preferred pattern of rhyme scheme! The couplet is the epitome of the poem! Loved reading it! Bravo