A Sonnet Of Hope

When the grind of life is wearing me down
And my heart is breaking to see your face
It helps to know that where my heart is found
You will always be found in that same place

Each day passes with hope for that great day
When no 'good byes' will ever leave our lips
And together we will enter this fray
And from this fountain of life we will sip

Yet, until that day, I sit and I wait
Longing to have your tiny hand in mine
Sometimes I think of life's humor of fate
How your far away... Always on my mind

I miss you so much when you're not here
Yet, when you're gone my heart grows so fond
How much fonder it is when you are near
And, so I wait for that sacred bond

How special will this be if we hold on
When you'll always be near... And never gone

((July 29th,2007))

by Danny Speicher

Comments (2)

'Each day passes with hope for that great day'- well said! t
You brought a smile to my face. Beautiful! Romantic! Wonderful poem!