A Sonnet Of Our Love

A mirage of you beckons me and I thirst
to drink deep from your cup and to share
the pool of paradise with you my love and feel
cool waters caress our burning desire and wash
over us in ecstasy as the vision of love becomes
so clear, flooding this land so barren without you
As the river of love sweeps me away, I am flowing
Into the ocean of your love upon a tide of high

Drift with me onto distant golden shores
Into warmth of the softest sand under our toes
Lay with me in shade of palms in the island sun
Until it sets and we become one and into slumber
we will fall under the smiling moon that has shared
Our nights of longing for this perfect starlit dream

by Tia Maria

Comments (13)

The structural rigidity of the sonnet form seems to be bursting at the seams here with the fluid expression of what seem almost to be streams of consciousness. Brave and effective.
Your exquisite words in this beautiful poem paint such a vivid picture, that they make me want to jump right in and join you under the shade of those tropical palms and dwell with you in escasty! So I did, and am now trapped inside this darn computer, hollering 'help! help! Get me out! ' And hope you can hear my pleas! Lovely poem, Tia!
T he magic of you beckons me, I'd slake I n drinking deep from your pure cup, there share A pool of paradise with you my love, clear lake. MAy waters cool this ardent fever fair RI nse us in ecstasy, love's vision make A s crystal clear. Without you, dear, all's bare. T ender, love's river sweeps me, sleeping, wake I n your love's ocean, feel emotions rare. A h! drift with me to distant golden shores MA ssaging softest sand's warmth, spreading toes R est with me, palm trees shading tropic sun I n slumber urge to merge shall surge through pores A nd we will welcome rising moon that glows TIA MARIA's acrostic dream sounds fun.
This does not seem as a mirage to meyet the words hold a hidden deeper secret one may sea...Thank you for sharing these wonderful words a gental breeze..: >) it(s lovingly..
Unconventional Sonnet Tia..Nice content, although prhaps a rhyme scheme ma have been introduced and an ending couplet may have had a 'Punch line'.
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