RI (15-03-1969 / Paramakudi)

A Sonnet On An Unknown Rascal

A Sonnet on an unknown rascal
-Ramesh Iyengar
( The dormitory room experience of a school teacher)

You the one, who often here stalks
By cursed hand doth loudly knocks
All the night in intervals, quick, short
Bangs the door, cause fright at heart
Not a moment lets me have my peace.
Can’t study, write, work or sleep with ease
Rush I in post-haste quick to the door
Lo! gone is he, from sight ran away far.
Rascal’s face unknown, name know I not
Yet, curses for his downfall, let him rot.
You, the one, if thee build a house
Or in thy fair maid’s sweet embrace
May you by all means lose erection
For, in this poet’s words, is there no correction.

- Ramesh Iyengar

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