RI (15-03-1969 / Paramakudi)

A Sonnet On Subash

- Ramesh Iyengar

( A sonnet written on my student Subash)

Rolls he a toy car like a kid
Eats candies, sweetmeat right below hid
Brings his pockets stuffed always
His large mouth now and then he fills
A glutton, nay a monster in food
Know not I, for he is no good.
Childish pranks in him so many
True virtues, studious, not any.
Eating his passion, sleepy his wont
To the teacher listening he can’t.
Writing, reading, learning, doing,
all unknown for Subash; for playing
Chatting, drawing, are to all he belong
Thus, the school years go all along.

- Ramesh Iyengar

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