A Sonnet To Society

Ephemeral expounding of the real:
More hopeless than sad abature. I wish
People would preen themselves and slowly heal,
Without some needless and agathic skirmish.

I walk in strange despair, but why the world
Is jocund quite: has no idea at all;
Shall wait until the doom has really unfurled-
Till then oh, savor the impending fall!

Lukewarm, small tete-a-tete among fremd strangers-
None shall know anyone. Woods, rivers, hills,
Just places not to be, just rattling dangers
To the created solitude, health pills.

The children have their hands held out, go on,
Go on, hold them before they are all gone.

by Pinaki Dewan

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Well thought-out and nicely penned with clarity of thought and mind. Thanks for sharing Pinaki.