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A Sonnet; To The Scythian Queen
ST (Aug.11,1973 / Manitoulin Island, Ontario)

A Sonnet; To The Scythian Queen

On north side of The Black Sea, where The Boreas Winds blew
In ancient days was a Queen, Warrioress of Scythia, all knew.........
Renowned for Her prowess and Wisdom in fight
`Scathach`, Her name, was Queen of brave might
On West Winds of Zephyr, Her name it was feared
Reaching The Druids, in Danaan Land of Eire
The Druids intrigued by Scathach The Queen
Sent two striplings, as pupils, to train ere their teens
Young lads, Ferdia and Cuchullain did sail
Upon the seas, to Scythia's fine dales
Scathach did verse them, in dactyl and tune
In battle, in musing, in fencing, in runes
Alas, Dear Scathach, thou couldst not presage
`Combat at the Ford`, thy pupils would engage

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I had to scramble to the dictionary more than I'd have liked, but that's my shortcoming. ... but it was well worth the effort. Grand!