Ph: Faith: Off And On I Remember

(A Thank You To God)

I love this life so much,
How your creation turns me ON,
I wake up singing the joy of each new day,
Even as my body aches with age.
The gift of every morning's light,
And rain, that precious gift,
Gift that keeps on giving,
Fuel of your abundance.
Seeds, barely seen, that feed and house my soul
A daily miracle, whisper the truth,
Of Your ever present love.

How farmer in me swoons in admiration
At your abundant provision,
Your love, like the rainbow, has many aspects.
Poetry and music that the ether carries,
Fills every dream with water
That like a fish, I have learned to swim in,
And star dust's sexual nature,
Whose secret longings birth all living matter,
Though inert, how its dreams of movement,
Forge our very nature.
Oh Lord, the fertility of Your imagination
Fills me with such a longing,
Stand by me like a midwife,
Husband me into Your Presence,
Thus make my OFF a new ON.

Take me,
Take me to where your heart so open
Waits only for my laughter,
Thrills in each moments progress,
Stumbling, I fall before You,
Never fear, your hand in anger,
Plant me, plant my feet on Your Path,
Make my life a counter point
To your melodic line, your leading
Show me how my tiny spark
Enriches even Your existence.

Forgive me
Lord, when I'm pissed OFF at You
Or at some inner failing in me,
Open my eyes to the truth
As You'd have me see it,
Those disappointing strangers,
Help me to hear with both ears.
You who have always loved me,
Even before Your Son's blood washed me clean
And made my every stain as white as snow.
When life takes something from me,
That I think really matters
And anger blinds me to You
Remember I still need you...
When I'm OFF at the races
Putting ego through its paces
Remind me that the battle's won already,
Loving You is all I have to do....
Life in You so easy,
One, Two, Three!

by Brian Johnston

Comments (2)

Gary This is just a brilliant poem. the depthj just reaches out and grabs you. What the hell do we fight for it grieves me so much. cheers Sylvie.
Beautiful, lyrical grief. This moving poem is a reminder that true sacrifice is deserving of the highest honor. Kindest regards, Sandra