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A Sorry Sorry Thing
( / Lancashire)

A Sorry Sorry Thing

Poem By John Carter Brown

Once upon a Sunday
In the daffodil-days of spring
I heard a Blackbird crying,
'Twas a sorry sorry thing.

'Oh dear' said I, advancing
And finding half-built nest,
And then all of a sudden
The bird flew off - to west.

His little home bedraggled
By thoughtless little boys;
The Blackbird? far away now,
No more the crying noise.

How was it that the children
Wanted not to hear it sing?
But in its absence, desecrate...
It's a sorry sorry thing.

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line 11: " its" bri :) i already have left comments, below. i still like poem. and birds.
birds! one of my favorite things, along with ice cream and bedtime. like some other readers, i too admit to harming birds in my youth, but just three times i think. once with an arrow and twice with bb gun. BUT i was ONLY trying to come close to hitting them! who knew i was a robin hood? ? ! now i make up (some) for my wickedness, by putting up (and sometimes even filling with seeds; that part is important!) birdfeeders, and some birdhouses. i don't recall ever intentionally disrupting a nest. i mean i never damaged or removed a nest while i thought it was being or about to be used, but after the family had flown, i sometimes would collect a nest. every spring i would risk death by climbing trees to spy on the contents of nests. the mouths of begging baby birds look HUGE and very colorful; nice 'targets' for adults returning with food. years later i learned that some birds reuse? a nest, particularly to raise more than one family in one year. i'm not sure if they build a new nest or use the old. i have heard of eagles adding to an old nest in subsequent years. =================== i enjoyed daffodil-days, the rhyming of the poem, the story, and the title repeated at the end. [but one of your it's isn't correct, John. BUT, as you pointed out to me today, in your comment on my poem My English Sucks, it's whether or not the writing is understood which is most important.] thanks for sharing. bri :) goes to MyPoemList.
Yes, but Mother Nature has her own way of taking care of things. Lovely poem.
Hello John What is it with boys and nests anyway the poem is great well done Im sure you are kind to birds now because you realize its a sorry sorry thing love the poem
I must admit to shooting at birds with my bb gun, in my youthful days-what a sorry sorry thing. This should become required reading for all youngsters. Excellant expression John