CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)

A Soul-Mate Dance

Daylight Blooms.
The prism of light shifts and changes within me,
Glistening and reflecting the beauty.
The colours shimmer a piece of my soul.
I am alight,
My breeze lifts you,
A thought of you.

As delightful sounds fill the air.
I dance to the rhythm of the night i met you,
I silently am.

A place in the stillness of youth,
Where age means beauty.
I command myself to presence,
A place of self-truth,
A place of love and honesty.

A place when the endeared are kept in my soul space,
I have a place for you, my love.
My home and you are one.

My love, my light,
My joy,
This is the place I dance with you.

(Saturday 23 June 2007 Bolton, UK)

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A delightful piece of poetic prose well composed and delivered I should like to hrar this performed