A Soulmate.

Poem By Shelley L Baxter

A soul mate is what I’m searching for,
A soul mate is what I seek,
A soul mate is what could be…
At the end of every street.

My soul mate should be loving,
My soul mate should be kind,
My soul mate and I'd love unconditionally…
No matter what we find.

I'd give to them my only heart,
I'd give to them my love.
I'd give to them all that they sought,
In their prayers to God above.

They would share with me their secrets,
I’d share with them my fears,
They’d hold me close and whisper words,
We would wipe each other’s tears.

It seems I find them everywhere; it seems I find their traits!
It seems I find their likelihood, but in the end they just don’t rate.
I know I need to start again, to find that special one.
I know I need to regain my strength, to seek my 'Warm balmy sun...'

A soul mate is what we're searching for…
A soul mate is what we will find!
A soul mate is close as our next breath...
If we leave unnecessary expectation behind!

Written on February 21st 2005.

Comments about A Soulmate.

Wow girl, what a wonderful poem, and guess what, I happen to know you found your soul mate. Congratulations to you both, you wrote this in February and tied the knot in August, look at that. Melvina

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