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...A Sound With Sexes

Sound with sex-poem.

Your loves are touch of good piano.
Yamaha is showers of mother sybarite.
Cantonese are chords of love primes.
Ya-ma-ha is a word sounds with symbols.

Heroine bows down the warheads.
Creep down to welcome a town.
Designers are with time conspiracy on earth.
Love fathoms are free to own.

Willingly are means in thirsty deserts.
Sexes’ feathers are ethereal served
Wings are glows and worms are bright.
White notes are songs with pies.

Black sharps are dark with fines.
Glucoses are loves and heats when link.
Huzza is when loves in hutch interests.
Baby breathes are good sniff-er.

Govern your crotches with sneaky toes.
Rabbit foot is net honors.
Flat down when loves are at doors.
A town is with smooth edge tools.
--Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3--

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Wonderful poem with nice imagery. Love it.
NICE POEM.I THINKING, C, F, G, EM, AND FLATS, AND MINERS, AND,1,3,5, AND DONT FORGET THE 2............................................