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A Space Deity
AP (21-03-1990 / jakarta)

A Space Deity

billions of sparkling stars in our night sky

in the vast black canvas we called universe

for we are a part of it

a molecular part, despite our arrogance

it's amazing how He created things

systematic and divine

yet He let Chaos to disturb it

all we thought as disaster, as catastrophy

maybe just a skim on a Diamond

to make it brighter and more unbelievable

for who could make such interstellar gaunt?

who could arrange such eclectic nebulaes?

who could bond all the Stones to its orbit like a string puppet

Who could possibly endure the power of Time

who could ultimately pick what must be ended

and what must be started

He may not be seen, but His power is everywhere

in the rain

in the skies

in the clouds

It's the deity that reigns

the thriving infinite subject we called God

For He is almighty

and earth's just a dust

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