A Space In Time

Yet another sleepless night,
watching as the tick tock
Makes its endless journey
from dusk to dawn to dusk to...
An expressionless face with fingerless hands;
massaging our past, present, and future.
Devoid of thought or feelings, but, so alive.
A collective; soul of the ages.
Taking not a prisoner, leaving without a wisp.
Boldly marching forward, yet
trailing only memories, in its mist.
Old Father Time.
The great equalizer.
The consummate sculptor.
A cure for all that ails.
In time, no time, about time, but for the last time;
awaiting the right time, and always running short of time.
But, for another time...
Moving too fast! -Moving too slow!
But it's the same time.
Oh yes, it will tell, time.
And indeed, hold the secrets.
Sometime, may never come.
Or it's gone.
Ah, such good times!
And lest not forget: Once upon a time.
Opps', seems now to be near that point in time.
So until another...

by J. Edward Armstrong

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Comments (2)

very well shown how it`s impossible to catch the moment in time. so fast it goes. even talking about happines we mostly say 'I was happy those times' or 'I will be happy oneday' and seldom in present.... good work Edward
Brilliant and the last line brought a smile for a short time.