In Making

In making

Is not last
Was not first
This ball rolls;
(Down mountain;
Finds its way…)

Has been so, will remain;
Man is beast, has wild ways.

Some are mouths
Some ears; no brain!

Look at now and murders,
Side takings and judgements!

Building walls, USA's
Trashing Mexicans
As well as Palestine
And Yemen


At same time, most of us
With hay sacks around necks
Chew on fakes of others.

Look at bands and groups
Worst than the KKK
And Nazis,
Swastika of shaved-heads.

Allow me to stop
No talk of Donald Trump
It can cause many harms…

Let wise read
Between lines
My heart, mind.

by Nassy Fesharaki

Comments (10)

what a wonderful words thanks for sharing
Lovely writing Nightingale, tender and romantic, Lynda xx
This is too beautiful to any poet's eyes. I love this poem. Thank you, my nightingale!
I live in the warmest corner of her heart I burn turn to ashes My ashes mix in the rose water On the ground splashes WOW This part is wonderful Thx alot for sharing ^_^
............10........ Sweet song, nightingale.
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