A Special Day For Teachers (Teachers’ Day)

Teachers’ day is celebrated all over the world,
In different date and day it is observed in furled.
It is a special day for appreciation of teachers,
Students honour and present them for their features.

In India September fifth is the Teachers’ Day,
It is Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan's birth day.
In eighteen eighty eight he got birth new light,
He was the second president of India so bright.

In Argentina September eleventh is Teachers’ Day,
It is Damingo Faustino Sarmiento’s no more day.
In eighteen eighty eight he did take death,
He had special contribution for Argentina’s breath.

People Republic of China observes it on tenth September,
Pakistan commemorates it on each fifth of October.
N.E.A of U.S. observe on first Sunday of each June,
Students honour their teachers and present to get boon.

In Brunei, Darussalam Teachers’ Day is Sept. twenty third,
It is birth date of Sultan Omer Ali Saifuddien third.
He was an Architect of modern Brunei, education reformer,
His policy was “Free education” that helps the learner.

School have holiday but students teachers get together,
They have special food, cookies whatever the weather.
Music and presentation to teachers go on in time,
Flowers and garlands are offered to teachers in chime.

by Kumarmani Mahakul

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With great influence, teachers were a significant part of my life. Enjoyed this poem of honor.
picture of Ramin Ara xFinely penned Sir. Thank you for sharing. 4 Sep 2015 by Ramin Ara | Reply picture of Jane Taylor Hardy xThank you Kumarmani.....my mother was a teacher. It was lovely to read and get more educated about this celebration in your country and other countries. A magnificent write and a beautiful tribute to teachers who affect our lives so much. 5 Sep 2015 by Jane Taylor Hardy | Reply picture of Sylvia Frances Chan xWe have no real Teachers Day, but Mr. Google shows 1st October for 2015. I am a lecturer since a few years, but used to be a teacher, but honestly, I have never heard about a Teachetrs´Day. Thank you for sharing this important Mondial Holiday. It´s oft interesting to be updated. Marvelous poem, a true attentive Tribute with mesmerizing words. 6 Sep 2015 by Sylvia Frances Chan | Reply picture of Nishu Mathur xInformative and interesting to read. 6 Sep 2015 by Nishu Mathur | Reply
Respect to teachers! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Wonderful about teacher's day! unfortunately - we don't celebrate it seperately in Russia! and there is not eough respect for teachers and doctors here.
A very nice narration. and i picked up something new too. Happy Teacher's Day
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