A Special Friend

Poem By Almedia Knight Oliver

Your friendship likens the sun-
it lights up the world

Your friendship likens a fruit-
it grows sweeter with age

Your friendship likens a precious brooch-
gives cause to hold close to my heart

Friendship can’t be packaged and delivered-
it is the “great work” of God-not man made.

Dedicated to long time friends: Odette Whitaker and her husband Johnny Whitaker
I’m so blessed to have you as my friends.

Almedia S Knight

Comments about A Special Friend

When you find a friend you have found gold, good poem.
You have proven that friendship can be packaged in a poem for all to read and appreciate the love between you here on earth. Very great poem! Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
This Complicated World is Ironic - is full of Absurdity Life is Simple but it is so difficult by its Passive Simplicity Life Difficulties are attached more and more to Complexity In spite of all, A SPECIAL FRIEND makes your Life Tranquility. ThanksForSharing/
A precious and never ending tribute to your friends, and I' am sure they are proud to call you friend. Great write. Lynn
‘…Your friendship likens a precious brooch-/gives cause to hold close to my heart…’ Ingenious… love muchhh these lines …’lingering brooch’…enjoyed… Thanks for such a nice poem… 10+ + Ms. Nivedita UK

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