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A Special Journey
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A Special Journey

You are on the edge of a forest, standing in a chaos.
Just take one step and enter your new world of harmony
and peace.

The forest is cool and quiet, except for the lovely sound of the bird and the song of the quiet wind as it flows thru the giant and gentle trees.

The tree's are so tall that they make a ceiling of green ray's of sunlight shining through In the background you heat the sound of water.

Each step you take into the forest your are leaving so much stress behind.

You stop for a moment, and watch the wonder of it all.
You continue towards the brook.

It is now become dark. You can smell the fragrances of a thousand flowers. It is so wonderful, that it is almost overwhelming. You are so wonderfully tired and relax that you must rest.

You lie down on the cool earth and as you do, you seen the moon and the stars shining down as guardians to protect you. Now you feel safe and now to sleep the long luxurious sleep of and innocent child.

This is your special place, when the life become overbearing. You can be here simply by closing your eyes relaxing and remembering.

No one is allowed in the magical place, unless they invited by you. There is no entrance for them.

So sleep the quiet sleep and listen to the sound of peace. Remember, this is your private domain, meant only for you.

Carry it whenever you go, and use it whenever you need too.

© Deanna F

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