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A Special Kind Of Lady
JK (8 September 1933 / Liverpool - UK)

A Special Kind Of Lady

How much do i appreciate you - My Special Lady?
Let me count the ways the whys and the wherefores.
I love you for your mind which interacts with mine
On every known level of intellectuality
Sceintific - Spiritual - Sensitive - Serious & Superficial.
There is nothing under the Sun - that is outside
The expansive curiosity of our inquisitive minds.
Between us we could easily unravel
All the deepest mysteries of the Universe!

I love you for your poetry - posted daily on PH
Each one that you have penned is a perfect gem.
Each on of them - that I have read - has moved me!
I score them TEN but in my heart A THOUSAND!
I love you for your personality - which bubbles
Through your poems - making each line sparkle
Making each word - a capsule of enlightenment.
I love your comments on the poems of all the PH Family
They are always POISITIVE - you are an ENCOURAGER!

One of the greatest blessings of PH is its multiculturism.
There are members from the USA and Iraq and Cuba
From Isreal and Egypt and Tunisia and Morrocco
From England - Ireland - Scotland and Poetic Wales.
Central & South America - Australia & New Zealand and Canada.
It is good to interact with PH's from Scandinavia & Mother Russia!
India - The Caribbean - Central & Eastern Europe - Everywhere!
Whatever your nationality - it is subsumed in your Personality
Your Poetry - your Psyche - your Perceptions and your Pride.

I love you FREELY - for your zest for LIFE
I love you FULLY - for your generosity of HEART
I love you PURELY - for your constraint of SPIRIT
I love you CEREBRALLY - for your expansiveness of MIND
I love you DEEPLY - for your depth of PERSONALITY
I love you LITERALLY - for your power of POETRY
I love you LINGUISTICALLY - for your way with WORDS
I love you ETERNALLY - because you are uniquely YOU!

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Comments (35)

A heartfelt tribute to the phenomenal contribution by the poets from all parts of the world through their verse and philosophy leading to a greater peace and understanding among people. Thanks.
Dear Poem Hunter Readers: Just a follow-up comment to my latest comment where I wondered if John ever checked in to this site anymore. His newest poem was published on this site on August 17,2012, more than three years ago. So... draw your own conclusions.
I said it before, John: This is a great poem. It's a great tribute not only to the lady poets on this site, but also to Poem Hunter itself. I see that you still haven't fixed the mistake I told you about in my comment of June 2 of this year, and now I just noticed that you have also misspelled ISREAL. It should be ISRAEL instead. Do you ever visit this site anymore? I hope all is well with you and that you are still writing great poems like this one. (I did not check your poem list before I started my comment to see the date of your latest poem.) Best of luck.
Wow...On every known level of intellectuality Sceintific - Spiritual - Sensitive - Serious & Superficial.. an ode to PH too..thanks
Impressive poem John. I think you've covered all the based. with these type qualities, I'd love her as well! Great!
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