A Special Low-Cost Shuttle

Consultants have been tasked with formulating
A special low-cost shuttle
To provide a cheap, efficient, and friendly service
Based on consensus and inclusiveness.
In a vast universe of 100 trillion galaxies
Chuck Hunter was given the green light
To find that perfect designer treat
Using symbols such as lighted candles
But the view of how the voluntary service
Should be funded is changing
And Pringle, Gucci, and Chanel
With the Royal underwear suppliers, Rigby and Peller,
Whose certification will be subject to character references,
Need to attract younger people and those from minority groups.

In Cactus Pete’s Casino
Slicked lips are a summer must
With whalesong, birdsong and rainshowers
And madness is photogenic.
There minerals and true seeds
Of moonlight and pillows,
Tea sets, glassware, lamps, and toby jugs
Provide the embodiment of elegance and refinement.
At almost 8 trillion miles
The dark side of life is
A pinprick of light from a dying star
Where the term, ‘Dark’ simply indicates that we believe it is there
For the hand has full mobility
And the cord uncoils in the open casket.

Note: A collage poem taken from: The Holderness Gazette, Yorkshire Evening News, Sunday Times Magazine, Pan Newsletter, and
East Yorkshire Coast News (ERYC)

by Pete Crowther

Comments (3)

I got a good chuckle out of this one!
This helped me to relax in my armchair, double comfort and quality. H
Well, the title and opening riff certainly made me sit up and take notice. Then I got lost. And then I got to where you said it was a collage. OK. No wonder it was incoherent.