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A Special Man
NS (June 13,1951 / Holland)

A Special Man

Poem By Nick Sym

There is a man of compassion,
who is part of my very soul
With his understanding,
he has made my life more whole

I need this man's love,
to make my life complete
For any person to do this,
I would say this is quite the feat

He has been in my heart,
since the day I was born
And I know his patience,
I have very much worn

He has been there for me,
no-matter which way I would turn,
and throughout my life,
he has helped me to learn

This man has been there,
through the good times and bad
and I'm proud to say,
that this guy is my Dad

He is my Father,
the person that fills my heart
And the only thing that really hurts,
is that someday we will be torn apart

But as the days pass,
and they go by one by one
My Father will always know,
that he has a loving son.

By Nick Sym

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