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A Special Prayer For Melvina
(18 June 1945 / Bradfield, England)

A Special Prayer For Melvina

Poem By David Harris

Dear Lord I come to you for help,
to help a good friend in need.
Her name is Melvina Germain,
a sister of the faith.
It would seem she needs
some help to strengthen her mind.
She told me she feels
her mind is weak
in all the things she wants to do.
She needs your inner strength
to help her to get through each day.
She needs your blessing
for the things she want to do.
She has given others the strength to carry on
when they were bewildered
by circumstances facing them.
Now it is she,
who needs to find the help.
Dear lord grant her
that inner peace and the strength of mind
she so desperately needs.
May I also include in this prayer My Lord
a blessing for Melvina’s daughter
who could do with a blessing from you
to help her succeed with her art
that gives pleasure to everyone
who gazes upon her work
and to Melvina who is following
in her daughter’s footsteps
with her new creative outlet there.
So please dear Lord could you answer this prayer.


(11 November 2007)

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Melvina is such a beautiful person, my thoughts and prayers to her and her daughter... may she know that her friends here on Poemhunter will always be here for her... and to draw strength from for when she needs it. We love you Melvina, you've always been here for us, please look to us for peace. Thanks David for writing such a beautiful poem for her, you are so thoughtful! Hugs, Lee
David you are a wonderful friend, I appreciate you praying for my daughter and me. I also appreciate the prayers of other poem hunters, it really is a close relationship here and so nice to see when we come together in prayer for each other. Hugs to you David and Blessings to you all. --Melvina--
Yes, David..i will..i am always praying for Melvina.
Hi David! my prayers are sent also; as many others i'm sure will too! Thad
Well let me be the first, to had my thoughts and prayers to one of the sweetest girls, i ever met, if you need some help just call on me... Mel Amen..