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A Special Sister By: Cay Thorne

As her sister;
She has totally opened my eyes
On how everyone is special and unique
No matter who there are;
No matter what they look like.

She has taught me
How to take one moment at a time
No matter what struggles in life
We have each others support and love

Her philosophy of life is to –
“Don’t look at the outward appearance;
As the true appearance comes
From within your heart and soul.”

A sister is someone
Who sticks with thee
Through thick and thin.

A sister loves you
Supports and prays for you.

Our love for each other
Is so special that
When one is upset
The other one can
Sense the time to
Support and love the other.

Through harsh times
Our love grows and strengths
To a place that even
No steamroller can flatten
It’s strength or capacity
Of real true love and support

by Cay Thorne

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A classic tribute to all sisters! Thanks for sharing, I can relate to it! A 10.