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A Special Soul
GW (5/11/1947 / Kerrville, Texas, USA)

A Special Soul

Poem By George Wootton

Long ago and far away
God created a soul one day.
A beautiful soul it had to be
for it had a special purpose you see.
He filled it with love and mixed in compassion,
a sprinkle of wisdom as he carefully fashioned.
A generous portion of trust he mixed in,
leaving doubt and suspicion in their rusty old tin.
Attitude for serving, he poured in the whole can!
This soul would bring comfort to its fellow man.
Forgiveness, humility and a cup of concern
mixed well with temperance so it shouldn't burn.
As he kneaded the dough of this beautiful mix
he floured it with angel dust so no bad things would stick.

This beautiful soul he then carried to earth
and placed in a womb 'til the day of her birth.
As a child she would grow and this soul would flourish
as her mother and father and God would nourish.
Into a young woman, such a transformation!
Her beauty filled men's hearts with such elation!
Her beauty enhanced by the soul inside
and the sparkle of angel dust danced from her eyes.
Her smile would bring sunlight to the darkest of woes
and words of comfort to the hurting would flow.
Her own heartaches and troubles she traverses with grace,
her soul standing firm in its proper place.
As she grew older this cold world tried its best
to destroy the soul that God had so blessed.
But try as it must it could not succeed
to place in this soul discontentment and foul greed.

Her soul retains still the original beauty
emanating through her smile to perform its bound duty.
The angel dust flour yet holds bad things at bay
as the world hurls the stones of misuse and decay.
As time quickly comes then hurries away
some souls lose the beauty they contained yesterday;
Not so with the beauty of this special soul
for she strives to make others feel wanted and whole.
The years have not hardened but softened her heart
for this soul God created has been true from the start.

This year is no different, although fifty have past
for this beautiful soul will for eternity last.
Her beauty increases with each passing day
and I, among others, can truthfully say
that God, in His wisdom, has her acquaintances blessed
by the soul he created to endure such a test.
Someday in heaven before Jesus we'll stand
and He shall reach forth and take this soul by her hand.
He'll say, 'Well done my faithful bride,
I am happy to again have you here by my side'.
'I sent you to earth for a special purpose
and you have accomplished your goal with amazing performance'!
'There was one soul that you saved from a sad, wasted life
for his only hope was to make YOU his wife'!

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