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A Spell To Catch A Rat

Come dear rat, gnawer of wood,
Come dear rat, hungry for food.

Come leave your home under the floor,
Come up through the hole you made before.

Come follow the scent that tickles your nose,
More sweet it is than any rose.

It’s peanut butter, your favourite taste
So do not let it go to waste.

Come follow the trail of this lovely smell,
Be not afraid, all will be well.

Just a few steps and there’s your prize,
To leave it now would be unwise.

There it sits in that beautiful trap
So in you go, there’s a good chap.

Come dear rat, just step inside,
See how the door is open wide.

There’s nothing to fear, the trap’s humane,
I guarantee you’ll feel no pain.

So in you go and take the bait,
Take it now, it’s not too late.

Well done, brave rat, you’ve gone inside,
My spell tonight has been your guide.

The trap has sprung, the door has shut,
But do not be disconsolate,

I’ll help you start a new career,
Though many, many miles from here.

by Pete Crowther

Comments (11)

Very kind and classy. I am sure Jack would approve.
My cat Elvis wishes to thank you...a bit dissapoited at you though, thinks you are too soft...What a clever and sweet little poem Peter..you brought joy to me this morning -Pia
great poem and an awsome example of respecting life, very gentle, I think children would like this poem too.
Love the poem Peter and love you for not killing him. cheers Sylvie
Your words are as enticing as your trap, Peter.
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