A Spider's Thread

Transition from the old to new, stitching up the pieces to make a whole. Cradling that which we kept close beside, now a tattered mess. Pulled apart, to our demise, we hold tightly still. To that thread that bound us closer still. The thread made by the connection between the two sets of eyes that met. Spun by the love of daily adoration, now secured by one single stitch. Unwound, like a key to a clock, time stands, and yet we travel further. The web of us has been unwound, piece by piece, thread by thread, harboring our warmth and fascination. Tied tight to hand, the ribbon is there, but long it is, going out further than the eye could see, and yet I know he’s holding on. He knows she’s hoping, wanting, longing, for him only no matter what gets in the way. Our love, although so strong I have no fear or doubt, is by chance-
A thread bare Romance.

by Victoria Long

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