(25 September 1793 – 16 May 1835 / Liverpool, England)

Set Apart

I’ve a wicked mind and evil heart, and yet Lord, you set me apart,
I am set apart, to live for you, with your Grace to see me through,
My God, as you transform my life, to live for you in Jesus Christ,
A life I cannot live on my own, but, in the power from your throne.

All by your Grace to be conformed, unto the example of my Lord,
Who lived a life for all to see, as an example of what we could be,
When The Holy Spirit I received, upon that day in which I believed,
My eyes opened up to my pride, and why indeed, my Savior died.

Within me dwells nothing good, through God’s Spirit I understood,
Any righteousness that I may have, to God, is only religious salve,
Belief that we are basically good, is from man religious falsehood,
My righteousness as seen by Him, is but filthy rags, tainted by sin.

To the life of a sinful one, you imputed righteousness of your Son,
His Righteousness given to me, through God’s sacrifice at Calvary,
Where the Only Sinless Man, became for all, God’s spotless Lamb,
Crucified for the world at large; with obedient love, His only charge.

So God, I thank you for your love, in saving me with Christ’s blood,
And through His Blood on Calvary, granting me New Life, Eternally,
Loving me right from the cross, regardless of all my sin and dross,
To cover all of my sin and stain, so with Christ, I shall forever reign.

(Copyright ©04/2008)

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the power whose conquering anguish stirred the tomb Great expression. Thanks for sharing it here.
Our weary thirst of soul? Cold, weak and cold, Is earth's vain language, piercing not one fold Of our deep being! Oh, for gifts more high! For a seer's glance to rend mortality! ........................................ Yet such a long run riding on language formed by words! Here is the beauty of poetic art. Thanks for posting.
Glimpse of joy divine... thanks for sharing...
Strange wandering sound! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.