A Squirrel

A squirrel came up to me, to-day,
with no fear or apprehension.
He looked at me with sad, brown eyes
as though he'd like to mention,
"I need your love and attention." Yes! A squirrel came up to me to-day,
and, sat up right beside me.
He sensed I meant no harm to him,
and, that is as it should be.
A kindred soul, alive and free. A squirrel came up to me, today.
A warm glow filled my very soul.
It was then I felt peace of mind.
In my life he had played a "role."
He filled a huge, and gaping hole. A squirrel came up to me, to-day,
It felt so very, very grand.
Yes! He chose me to sit beside
from all the people in the land.
Was it the peanuts in my hand?

by Jay C. Hershberg

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Beautiful... I live next to a Victorian churchyard full of grey squirrels and this exactly captures the sense of uplift I get watching them.