DH (May 2,1961 / Hutchinson, Kansas)

A Star In The Heavens

I lay awake in the darkness
and listen to you breathe.
Cloaked in the softness of your arms
reaching out
as beside me you sleep.

Where have you been since time began?
Where you here all along,
hiding in the shadows
that followed me in the gloom of this life?

You seem to know just where to touch
to make the demons relinquish my soul.
You kissed away the nights of loneliness
when I slept alone.

When time went astray in the years gone passed
I was floundering in a sea of vacant dreams.
You came along and gave me hope
for a better tomorrow.
Tomorrow arrived and left again and again…
Still hope lives on.
Dreams have gone from empty to overflowing.

Where once were shadows,
you produced tenderness to ease the way.
Where kisses were null and void…
you gave fire to kindle the flames.

Your eyes see not the faults I possess,
your eyes see the beauty inherent in me.
You see what others
didn’t look deep enough to find.
You dug through the dirt
to find the diamonds.
Then you polished them with love
and now I shine like
a star in the heavens.

25 March 2006

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