A Star Is Born

Birth of my life,
The start of my muse,
On earth;
A star is born.

The shadow behind me,
To allow in the truth;
My name is known,
All over the World! !
My muse,
My style,
My Talent,
Bar, tar!
Not with the muse of war;
But with the truth,
With positive morals,
And to flow along.

How long? !
Only with the calculations of love and life;
To follow after the truth,
Even by the narrow path,
Along the ways of life.

Poetry! !
Bow and arrow in the hand;
Life's Journey,
Taking a walk through the forest,
To talk with the birds.

Love and art,
Love and Life!
A star is born;
With the aroma of creation! !
With the romance of nature,
With the fragrance of life,
And, with the delight of righteous morals.

Natural rules,
Natural Laws!
With the beauty of life;
Peaceful mind,
Free mind,
Joy in my heart today!
With the muse of my poetry on earth today.

The poetry of my life!
The story of my love;
Going through my quotations! !
On stage with my muse,
On stage with my sage,
The muse of my age to the World,
With my message to the people.

The passage of my life,
The passage of love and life;
Hallow, shallow!
To swallow in the truth;
Allow me in! ! !
Eyes of peace and love;
A star is born today,
With the muse of life,
For a purpose on earth.

The muse of my language,
With life's luggage to carry on;
A star is born;
Bard, card, hard, guard!
Today, A star is born.

Mystics of life! !
Mystics of love,
Past and present,
Memories! ! !
Growing up;
Going along with my works,
Positiveness! !
Able to touch the hearts of many.

Love is the key;
Like a teacher with a chalk in the hand,
Facing the challenges of life.

Able to teach along the line;
Bright light of peace and love! !
Insight and wisdom along the line,
With the delight of the truth,
Sight of righteous morals.

Light to the World! ! !
A star is born,
Facing the ways of life with my works;
Floating along with my mind,
Like the bees and the flowers.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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