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Red Indians In Arizona
(June 24,1961 / Naga City)

Red Indians In Arizona

Poem By Oskar Hansen

The morning star have shined anew
More brightly like a mountain glow
Unnotice as it were seen well apart
For the eyes of a believer a bond
The lines of precepts made it grand!
You've travelled far to search souls
With God's Love, Mercy, Wisdom caress:
Bring forth a prize in tested avenues
As gospel notes a plentiful stride
Keeping you affront against evil's pride!

God gave you tests to endure to bear on
Never to lose sight against his presence;
For many are called only few are chosen
To take note of your lines by lines open
To the eyes of those who kept unbelieving!
You shall be like a seagull in the snow
Striving hard to walk afar a grinding pit:
For, you teach those who preferred weakness
To make them stronger least above yourself;
For a mission heartily sought, a reward's done!

For a good man out of the good treasure of
His heart brings forth that which is good;
An evil man out of the evil treasure of
His heart brings forth that which is evil:
For the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks!
Don't lose sight upon those remained unseen
By your naked eyes, a wisdom is purely bared;
To teach the weak to be strong and strong weak
Strikes a balance that your inner self find through!

As the wind, you shall carry sleepy souls
And amid your humble stride, lions kneel:
For your wings is beckoned like a prey
In the eyes of believers, great like light,
Home is your crowning days await you back!
But, remember of the sayings of old man prays:
Away with pride for it serves like rotten egg
In your heart keep love and faith a virtue seed;
Fly high like a seagull in the sky of hope
Remember that a tree is found in the ground!

In your reckoning, find faith, hope and love
Though the wonders of a marvelous work of God:
The Book of Books crying out of the dust
Serving like a living spirit in your heart.
The Book of Mormon is a pearl of great price
The doctrine and covenant of man with God!
And a star shines upon your heart.

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What a GLORIOUS song from HEAVEN!