A State Of Fear

Poem By Josephine DixonBanks

I guess the five hundred Nations were exterminated
I guess slavery was, I guess slavery was

How can the history book over look
The shear fear, fear in the blood sweating tear
Of those terrorized by patriotic psychotics

Terrorism will not be tolerated in the Great Nation
The kkk does not terrorize, just a distant relation

Bombing abortion clinics, targeting homosexuals
Hate crimes of any kind

Terrorism will not be tolerated in this Great Nation
The kkk does not terrorize, just a distant relation

Listen to all the fear, the doubt
Big business demands their hand out
We the public have no clout
Now, who’s on welfare due to economic drought
Billions of dollars freely given out

As the grateful recipients receive economic incentive
Americans receive their pink slip

Billions of dollars go to the railroad tracks
Public terrorized by anthrax
Fed half truths by false facts

Propaganda jumping like a frog
Instead of a flag, wave the dog
Watch’em eat yo money like a greedy hog

The terrorist turn you daylight into a long smooch goodnight
This madness is crazy, fear turned into frustration, everything’s hazy
This blindness terrorizes like a two-edged razor
Makes war seem like a gigantic Fund-raiser

I guess, genocide is just an error-ism
Destruction of The Economic Base is an act of terrorism

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