A Stepping Stone

Crossing the riverbed alone
The incompleteness of a dream
Pushes him forward
His head lifted towards the sky
The hot sun blindly leads
A memory profusely bleeds
From every single pore
Seeking the elusive stepping stone
On the rooted banks
On the edge of humanity
Reality seeks to savor a path
With no limitations or wrath
In a mirage
He sees his reflection
He sees a distortion
From the ripples of his life
Spinning him in circles
A whirlwind
Rearranges his thoughts
Expanding his subtle thirst
To hopscotch across a stepping stone
That will lead him to a ravaged garden
Of forbidden fruit
Back to the beginning of eternity
Pleading the simple life

by Alfred Ramos

Comments (1)

This poem flowed from an inspired place. Superbly moulded. A 10 from me!