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A Stolen Virtue

happy girl,
happy girl.
sing and dance,
spin and twirl.

her life was fun,
happy and cheerful.
so happy was she,
no reason to be fearful.

she went out one day,
no fear, no worry.
she got lost,
caught up in the hurry.

the city was busy,
alive and buzzing.
it looked so right to her,
so homey and loving.

but she didn't know,
the cities true traits.
she thought god would save her,
keep her safe.

but god ignored her screams,
on that dreadful day.
she got lost in an alley,
was that her fate?
would she be saved?

she saw the men,
all dressed in black.
they carried knives,
and one backpack.

she tried to scream,
to scream for help.
but their arms were around her,
she couldn't yelp.

they opened the backpack,
and pulled out tape and rope.
they tied her up, and taped her mouth.
there was no hope.

she could only fear,
fear the worst.
fear what they would do to her,
a girl only 14 years old.

what would they want?
only one thing.
she'd never dance again,
never sing.

they carried her away,
to the river.
they took what they wanted,
her virtue away from her.

they left her there,
to wait for death.
she was broken,
with nothing left.

face up in the river,
this was the end.
she would never,
live again.

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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