TD (1955 / Harare, Zimbabwe.)

A Stonecrossed Grave (A Poem In Remembrance)

Amid the msasas beside the hill
A stonecrossed grave there is. It will
Remind wayfarers of the dreadful cost
To one who ventured, fought and lost
To vanquish evil; alas it prospers still.

We the living, spared by fate
Be wary yet of malefactors at the gate.
Ours the hard, unceasing toil
To defeat all who would despoil
The rightly done; less is not to contemplate.

And he at rest beside the hill:
His sacrifice be with us still.
Duty, honour, courage ever.
Forsaken, lost, forgotten never.
His unfinished task, ours to fulfil.

by Terry Dawson

Comments (1)

Very intense with a sense of quiet respect throughout your poem for someone who sacrificed their life to vanquish evil. Great tribute to an unknown hero. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn