SOH (3*31*27 / Roseburg, Oregon)

Pictures Of Thought Drifting

Mind opening upon awakening, senses alert, eager to begin
feeling thoughts and emotions, wanting to write it all in-
to words, lines and rhythms of poetry.

Tempting, taunting intellect to listen carefully while cod-
ing rhythms to fit patterns of imagery in landscapes and
portraits of this mind.

Innate talent playing a very important part in this creative
poetical process, pictures of thought drifting into photo-
graphic memories.

Lifting them into other dimensions so they can be seen in
different types and varieties, taking mind and intellect out
of mundane and ordinary stages of normalcy.

Triggering ideas and concepts through a rhythmic thinking
process that flows continually, allowing this mere poet to
write poetry incessantly throughout the years.

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A nice poem about the coming of heavy rain, a nature's way of ending a drought. Lovely. Always, I enjoy good poems about nature. Thanks for sharing.
TO MEET THE STORM I RACED./WE EMBRACED, /AND I DANCED IN ITS RAIN. This is so - ecstatic. Most people run and hide their heads when it rains, but YOU actively sought out the rain. Impatient for the experience, you couldn't wait for it to find you, you had to find it. There's an element of danger in this poem, as I'm sure your'e aware. For example, a lightning strike. But that danger just makes the embrace of the rain more exciting. And excitement is what your poem achieves!