TF (may 28 1993 / florida)

A Storm That Is My Peace

Rain to me is very sweet
The sound is over whelming
Calling to me like a dream
That has been told

Thunder that is loud
Shaking the ground
Humming a song
That I need to hear

Lightning that I see
Striking fast and bright
Making me want more
Never stop

His storm
My emotion
Our everything.

by tierra fisher

Comments (3)

Dear Tierra, You need heavy rain, lightning, thunder, and finally storm (His) “His Thunder my emotion, our everything” – the gist…. I can’t catch it Rhyme is good, of course. Are you talking about the earth and sky? Rgds Noor
Good Write at first I thought you were talking about Walking in a storm with is pretty cool once you're already all wet But then you twised it around And you were talking about his Storm With your emotions
Fantastic write.......... beautiful words presented simply and eloquently........