A Story

Poem By Esther Law

And in the shadows, the death tiger lies.
the darkness so dark, that skys seem to sigh
Skies so sullen, they have no breath,
yet still, they sigh, until nothing is left.

Darkness comes in, Darkness come out.
Light is never invited, where the it lays round a'bout
The skies rain drips of shame
Where light has only itself to blame

They wonder where a place so bright
Has turned into a moaning night.
As light turns across the bridge of shame
They ask 'It nobody's game.'
And with that off they went
With their hearts bent.

dreary and miserable, twas the place dark,
the pain would always leave there a mark.
Life and happiness hath withered away,
till nothing was left not even some of the suns rays

Life had thrived,
but now it has been knived.

Hope is one that can not live here
love is one that will become seared
Happiness is clawed away
and laughter shall and will not stay

Bright and lively are gone
as you would sugest ashes in the wind
but one day something will dawn
and then light shall be ringed

As the light passed from dusk to dawn
They will not fight with jus braw
They will formulate a plan
And together, reform the clan.

They have their smarts
Which the darkness cannot beat
The light says 'This is our day
We shall make darknes pay.'

No wepeons are a need
They only need the darkness to flee
And as light travel
They pick up gravel

Build another city
And plan not to be witty
Hope is in them again
Not to fear, but to hope

Again their world will be equal again
Light, Darkness, will be put to their places
As the judgement of the Chosen One decides what is right.

No longer will the place be knived
It will be healed and be thrived
Justice will return to this place again
Never ever will the darkness return

The light, now brighter than known to sight
Will overcome the darkness with all their might.
Their mission begins
To get back what they have had
Then it will be normal again

Clouds now drift in a graceful motion
sing song birds croon away
feather light breezes gental and caressing
happiness now a place to stay.

flowers embrace the sun with open arms
natures jam on toast
laughter is a living thing
gone is deaths ghost

Mountains jagged protectivly
blue oceans in the air
love is humming all over
animals are always at good fair

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