A Story Of A Test Of Love

'I know it's like a boulder
Just sitting on your chest,
But it's all for a good reason,
It's only a small test.'

'Hey, look at that girl right there,
Do you find her attractive?
And look at that young woman,
She looks like someone you would chat with.'

'So, how about this jewelry store?
Or that flower shop over there?
Which one would you buy from?
Or would you get both because you really care? '

'What about some nick-names?
To show I play a part,
Honey or my baby?
Or maybe pumpkin or sweetheart? '

'Maybe some more compliments,
Like you're as pretty as a fairy.....'
Wait, Wait! ' He says,
'You may be the girl I marry, '

'But this is way too much!
Way more than I can hold,
I'll still love you 'till the day I die,
There's no need to scold.'

'Now I know that you're just helping,
And for that you're the best,
But you should already know one thing,
I already passed this test! '

He handed me some flowers
And grabbed my hand and slips on a ring
He looked into my eyes
Then kissed me on the cheek

'I love you to death,
There's no need for me to think,
You've got my mistakes all bandaged up,
I'll never spring a leak.'

'Okay, okay I love you too,
There's just one thing left to know,
Would you give a life for me?
Or just let me go? '

'What kind of question is that? ! ' He says.
His whole face starts to glow
'I'll give a million lives for you,
That's how my love will show! '

I hug him and we kiss
I knew there was no mess
He just hasn't really passed yet,
There's a lot more to the test

by Free Faller

Comments (3)

Awesome game. A tricky play lol Nice haha! Awesome flow. xoxoxxxx Black Rose
Excellent poem there my friend. I am glad to see you are still writing. Your poetry friend, Mr. Smith
Too cool...are you sure you're only 13? ? ? You are truly a wise sage in my books... Hugs. Dee