All our children crying
Their stomaches are relying
But their parent's are fighting
With the stress of surviving
So many elderly relying
On food for suviving
Now they are dieing
Religion is always fighting
Their path they are denying
God's belief their not applying
Politician are denying
Every politician is lieing
That wealth is denying
On people surviving
The rich are laughing
Their antics are corrupting
With power they are weilding
Their greed is undenying
The world is crying
Our world is dieing
Colin Bradley

by colinb bradley

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Joyous read narrative style…but one word ‘Gurukula’ system of oldendays now we find in ad of various institutions…history repeats and completes… 10+ Ms. Nivedita UK
In the good old system, It was the usual custom, Where teachers lived, Their students stayed.......... extra ordinary piece of underwritng a poem with true devotion....10 speaks abtancient relationthat existed betweenstudent and teachers lovely one.. read mine no teacher and kids
Sir, a funny poem indeed. You certainly know how to tell a story or a joke. Excellent.
You are a nice story teller, making use of the ballad form...
Oh My God, this one completely cracked me up. Humor well captured in this poem! You've got variety. Will definitely read more from your collection of poems :) Preets