## A Story Of Hobo-A 1

Sometimes things in life just fall apart. I wondered about my life.
Here, only a few years, I was on top of the world. Then, GOD, came into my life. All around me, I saw vanity. Images, that I worshiped. Spent hours in reverence. They took control of my life and
ways of thinking.

I myself was naive to the real meaning of GRAVEN IMAGES
as in GOD'S second commandment. Then I saw the graven
images in the movies, on television, verbal graven images
in songs, ads in papers, magazines, all portraying an image.

My eye's were opened and I was bowing to these images.
They took control of my life. Style, fashion, status, social
standing. Do this, do that, this is proper, that is right,
all part of a beast like monster surrounding me.

A friend told me these were inventions of man. Motives
varied, but they were not Gods or GOD'S ways. He
gave me a Bible to read and that was what opened
my eye's to this reality. I told the friend, I was happy
for his opinion and help. He said, even King Solomon in all
his glory followed other Gods. GOD, took the kingdom away
in due time.

The friend said, many take light of GOD. GOD is real and
not some big sugar-daddy in the sky doing nice things
and bad things. There are laws and ways, that GOD wants
people to live. GOD, is a rewarder and a bringer of wrath
upon the ungodly. GOD, killed all on the earth in the flood of
Noah, except 8.

Thanks for the help friend. Keep the faith and stay away
from those idols. So the sun does rise and set in it's
traverse of time.




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