## A Story Of Hobo-A - Encounters Friend 2

HOBO-A was down and out again. The bottle had
taken it's fill of time and space. Walking slowly with
a cup of coffee spilling over his hand, as he
slumbered along the pavement. Lost to himself and all
cognition of reality at the moment.

By chance encounter, the friend had seen him.
Walking over, demised the status of HOBO-A.
'things looking down HOBO-A'. YEA-been in
the bar, need some work, you got the picture.
My act got ragged again, need the next act.

Well HOBO-A, your going into those bars which
you made, ALTERS of WORSHIP. You have
made the bar your temple and sit on a stool
in abstract prayer, drinking oblations of ALCOHOL
to your idol God-ALCOHOL. You know that
BIG MOM TV. makes it all glitzy and cool in
the unreal world.

People go to worship once a week in church
and spend the other days in there bar temple
worshiping. You need to sit with your Bible
and tune into GOD, like I told you before, all
this show here on earth ends one day. Then,
GOD, is going to look and see, who you really
gave your heart, soul, mind and strength to.
REPENT HOBO-A -REPENT. See you again




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