KNR (August 28,1976 / Southern Oklahoma... )

(((A Story Of Love And Greed)))

Long ago in a far away land
Ruled a evil King with a strong hand
He was mean and he was cruel
Such a man should never rule.

He had a daughter and a loving wife
Two tall sons and a marvelous life
His lack of appreciation for what he had
Made the King’s family very sad.

Gold coins piled high with plenty for his needs
Could not satisfy the King’s vast greed
He taxed his Subjects and he stole their land
Issuing proclamations full of bold demands

The beautiful Princess– no longer a girl
Gave her hand in marriage to a handsome Earl
Rode away with her husband on a prancing steed
Leaving behind the King consumed with greed

The oldest son loved adventures, games, and sport
He soon grew weary of the boring court
Where nothing occupied his royal father’s day
But thinking of ways to make his Subjects pay.

One fine day the Prince could stand no more
Made plans to head for a distant shore
Strapped on armor and a sharp-edged sword
Sailed far away to fight a distant war.

The King took no notice of his children’s flight
He sat counting money all through the night
The youngest son stopped as he went to bed
Stood watching the King and sadly shook his head.

The Prince worried about his father – his mother, too.
He wished that he knew the best thing to do
Nothing good could come of the King’s evil gain
Seeing his parents drift apart gave the young man pain.

Finally the Queen, with a broken heart
Sighed and climbed aboard a rickety cart
She used this vehicle to steal away
One early morning at the break of day.

Riding along behind a long-eared mule
She cursed her husband for being a fool.
Through the Village Square; past a flowing fountain
The Queen drove her mule up a towering mountain.

A magical genie lived on the mountaintop
Reaching the wizard’s home, the queen did stop.
That she would be found, she had no fears,
Here the Queen could be safely hidden for years.

No one knew the Queen was alive and well -
No one but the youngest son who would not tell.
The Queen sent her son a note inside an ancient ring
and begged him not to tell his father, the King.

Sitting in his castle on his massive throne
One day the King realized that he was all alone.
There was dirt on the windows and on the floor
He hadn’t eaten all day – and his stomach was sore.

The King cursed loudly and then yelled for his wife
She had always cared for the desires of his life
“Why has she deserted me? ” the poor man moaned
“She could have left a note – or she could have phoned.”

Ah, but the Queen was happy and very content
She only regretted the lost years she had spent
Worshiping at the feet of the man she called “Honey” -
Catering to the man who loved nothing but money.

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Very good, made me smile. All the best Ian
And yet another in the people whom have but the highest of likein's unto such a masterful work........WEll Done
Lots of underlyings here, my dear & capsuled brilliantly into a fairytale decorum... A masterful storyline, Kris....And brilliantly penned....The construction in its own, is show of sterling craftsmanship. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' FRANKSTER ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
Sad story, but that shall happen to all if they bid love or' money. Well done!