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A Story - Pt.2

And I fall,
And I fall.
The victim of broken promises,
And webs of lies.
Falling off the cliff that once swore
To always give me level ground to stand on.
And I fall,
Never knowing if or when I'll reach the bottom.
And as the ground comes up to meet me,
It is water that ends my flight.
Cold water,
Shocking me as the chasm's freezing air never could.
And I drown.
Lost in the memories and mistakes of so many past lives.
The river surrounds me,
To suffocate me.
And it floods into my lungs.
New Air
Then, just as I close my eyes to sleep forever,
A breath of new air crashes through my chest,
Making me breathe again.
Air not untainted,
But full of life.
And a branch floats by my hand,
As if reaching out to grab it,
If only I am strong enough to grasp it.
And I take hold with a tentative clutch.
Letting myself hope that it won't break.
A New Day
And it carries me down the river,
Always keeping me afloat through the freezing water.
Through the dark as the sun shows signs
Of beginning a new day.

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