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A Story - Pt.3

And as I rush down the river
The branch holds me up.
The sun begins to rise,
Promising to be even brighter than before.
And I hope again.
Knowing that the river will end.
And I will stand on dry land again.
And the sun will warm me and dry me
From my futile swim.
And I see the end in site.
Not the end that will destory everything.
But the end of the cold
And the pain.
Where we will be together.
Me and you, my Sun.
And even though so much has changed.
In this wild journey
Even though my Sun has changed.
It is for the better.
Because it's brighter now.
And this time I know it will keep it's promise
This time I believe in forever.
I know my soul is safe
As battered and torn as it is,
I believe my sun can heal it.
It has already given me so much.
Something to hope for
When every other hope had died.
Something to breathe for
When the river's torrent pulled my head under.
Something to live for
When every thing else was gone.
And we shout in unison
'This will never end.'

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