A Story To Say

Poem By Mien Bless

Stars up above, twinkling all night
Looking down on us, shining their light
Everyone of them, has a story to share
Its all about us, and the way we care....

Waves of the sea, gets stronger through the night
Beating on the rocks, they shed their might
Music that they make, oh so light
Even the waves, know our plight....

Breeze all around, blowing with a buzzing sound
Soothing the mood, spreading love around
Capturing your scent, and filling me up
I breath in deep, but my lungs cant have enough....

Clouds in the sky, shatter and collide
Pouring down rain, to take away the pain
Each dropp of rain, falling from the sky
Takes the tears away, from the corner of my eye....

Moon on the horizon, is full and risen
Paving a path of light, over the ocean
They too have a story to say
Of how close, yet so far away....

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good job....a story to tell is an intresting title.p.

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