A Patriotic Soldier

But poor patriotic soldier, at home his father lying sick;
His little brother and sister were reliant upon him for studies,
But one misty dawn he was dismissed from his job,
For eliminating some dreaded terrorists.

This darkened his peace and pleasure,
The brave soldier was almost mad,
Told his father's last remains, shouldered to crematorium;
Alas! Failed to see the last glimpses of his father, dear.

Disturbed and distracted he became,
Roamed through the barracks, crying:
Terrible nation: mad, conceited and ridiculous;
Suddenly I was liquidated for serving nation.

Life never offers same chance twice,
Here soldiers and traitors be the same,
Sun of my life is going down behind the wood,
Happy to wish, must be good for my dear land.

Tomorrow my immortal soul will again rise,
No hideous traitor fright my mind and eyes;
Sleep rests me warmly, till I wake in a new dawn,
And hear the victory trumpet in the lawn.

by Dr. Yogesh Sharma

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Much love for this poem, has gotten me through some hard times
(A Story by Li-Young Lee.) **A tender story told.
This poem speaks volumes while using very few words. Anyone who has children probably experiences something like this. While you're enjoying them as little tykes, you imagine what they will be like when they are grown and how they might treat you.