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A Stranded Girl On A Friday Night
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A Stranded Girl On A Friday Night

She was weeping when we met
Outside a party store
Where the lonely purchase their wine;
Her boyfriend had left her behind
All sad and lost after a fight,
Most likely, about inconsequential things.

I picked her up, half out of human kindness,
Half to be beside a female body
Despite how red and unhappy her face.
She was a beautiful girl in a simple way,
She wore a plain flowery dress
With some charming appeal I can’t explain.

She tried to express in broken sentences
Why she and her boyfriend were upset;
I mostly heard tears and my boyfriend this,
My boyfriend that,
I tried to act like it was as completely earth shattering
As she thought it was.

She gave me directions to where she lived,
I drove diligently toward that destination
Without any attempts to prolong the drive
While I planned out my own strategy of a pass.

When I finally arrived at her place,
Her face was still red but the tears had dried.
She said, “Thanks, mister, you’re a nice guy.”
She got a little closer to me and touched my hand.
I thought she might kiss me, I thought I might kiss her,
But she scooted on out and made for her house.
I wasn’t expecting any action that night,
I can’t claim disappointment.

But I wish I knew if I should pray
For her and her boyfriend to work things out.

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My heart still beats for her, I keep passing by her home, Taking the same road every day and night, Hoping to see her once more, hold her hand once more. Nice poem Uriah, , , , , , A piece of reality i once experienced.
Brilliant and beautiful poem.
(cont.) ....to MyPoemList, and i should read another. bri :) ('you' really hope they stay parted and YOU and she get together! !)
i very much enjoyed this story/poem. i understood it, which i can't say about some others on PH! and the English seems 'perfect'. [otherwise, i'd probably tell you it 'ain't'! ] as for should or should not pray: what could it hurt? after all, don't all prayers get answered to benefit all BELIEVERS, of which i no longer consider myself one. (?) i've thrown my brand of humor at ya there. (cont.)
story at good end of love Awesome
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