A Stranded Girl On A Friday Night

She was weeping when we met
Outside a party store
Where the lonely purchase their wine;
Her boyfriend had left her behind

by Uriah Hamilton Click to read full poem

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My heart still beats for her, I keep passing by her home, Taking the same road every day and night, Hoping to see her once more, hold her hand once more. Nice poem Uriah, , , , , , A piece of reality i once experienced.
Brilliant and beautiful poem.
(cont.) ....to MyPoemList, and i should read another. bri :) ('you' really hope they stay parted and YOU and she get together! !)
i very much enjoyed this story/poem. i understood it, which i can't say about some others on PH! and the English seems 'perfect'. [otherwise, i'd probably tell you it 'ain't'! ] as for should or should not pray: what could it hurt? after all, don't all prayers get answered to benefit all BELIEVERS, of which i no longer consider myself one. (?) i've thrown my brand of humor at ya there. (cont.)
story at good end of love Awesome
Well written poem there. A story in it self...
Enjoyable. Well written. I actually read this some time ago and tried to leave a comment then but the system wouldn't take it for some reason.
I would... Yes definitely. She obviously loved him - don't seek to come between them. Anyway good write. I write (somewhat more directly) about this topic in 'To Abstain - Or Get Married (The Case for Both) ' but my best work is Sunrise On The Mount. Cheers.
Wow! ! I am always amazed when I discover a poet who pieces I haven't read before...and they are soooooooooooooooooooooooo good! ! It's like discovering a Christmas present forgotten behind the tree when you take it down! Hugs, Dee
It's like, you want them to be happy, but you want your chance with her too...I feel you on that one. It's a very sentimental piece. nice read eni da kid
Brilliant! I love your gentle style. You have a great gift. Thanks for sharing. S
This is an excellent read. I particularly like the way you've handled the ambiguity of the narrator's intentions.
Uriah, I love your work - you're a romantic, for sure, and write with a gentle and tender spirit. It's a pleasure to read you and I'll watch for more. Warmest regards, CJ
yes, this strikes me, too, Uriah. I love your story telling poems and you still have the best bio I've read here. :)
Absolutely amazing. Your work is incredible.