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A Strange Sort Of Devotion

A strange sort of devotion it may seem quite odd
That some religious fundamentalists will kill one who disagree with their views for love of their god
For love of their god they do on to those who beg to differ ill
Though Moses fifth commandment clearly states thou shalt not kill
A minority they may be but they bring on their religion shame
By committing wilful murder in their chosen god's name
Though the god they do claim to worship and to whom they do pray
Would not wish them for to behave in such a criminal way
But the fruits of the karma we sow we have to reap one day
What goes around comes around as some like to say
Everyday people over religion and borders and cultures in the foulest way die
And in life what we sow we receive is surely not a lie
And a strange sort of devotion it does seem indeed
That to kill for their god some in them have the need..

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